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Nikolay Nikityuk visited DB "LAROS"

In June, 2011 Experimental Design Bureau of Laros – 100 (a sport aircraft plane for aerobatics training) was welcoming a very special guest, Nikolay Nikityuk. Nikolay is an outstanding trainer for Russian Glider Aerobatic Team, Honoured Master of Sports and Honoured Trainer of Russia.

Nikolay Nikityuk

Nikolay gladly responded to our invitation made by the board of the company and Laros chief design engineer,Vladimir Lapshin. While visiting our design bureau Nikolay became familiar with Laros – 100 prototype and evaluated all advantages of aerobatic training aircraft. Nikolay gave many valuable pieces of advice of the cockpit design, in particular of control panel.

Nikolay Nikityuk in the prototype of the cabin of plane

The cabin prototype of Laros —100 The cabin prototype of Laros —100

Experimental Design Bureau Laros was also glad to welcome Georgiy Kaminsky, a three times world champion  of Glider Aerobatic and a Honoured Trainer and Master of Sport of Russia.

Georgiy Kaminsky in the prototype of the cabin of plane

Georgiy is currently a deputy chief of Serpuhov airmanship and training Club. Being a high professional he also shared his opinion and advice with constructing team.

Georgiy Kaminsky
Georgiy Kaminsky:
“I highly appreciate construction of new sport aircraft planes. Laros – 100 has definitely a positive influence on Russian aircraft development. This plane has multiple advantages and can be used for basic trainings as well as for high-level aerobatic trainings. This makes Laros – 100 in high demand in Aero Clubs, where outdated equipment and planes are currently used.”

Georgiy Kaminsky in the prototype of the cabin of plane

We are looking forward to meeting new guests, professionals and trainers in our Design Bureau!