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Ground tests of the Laros – 100 aircraft have begun

The first ground test of the Laros – 100 aircraft started at the 7th May. The first run-up of the Lycoming AEIO–360 engine was performed. This work was held to test functionality of the power plant systems — fuel and oil system, engine and prop controls, cooling system and power plant monitoring instruments.

The ground tests confirmed the right design solutions and good build quality. There are no any leaks, gaps and vibrations were noted. The engine launch was made without any malfunction, a good response to movement of the throttle and pitch levers was noted. The temperatures of oil, cylinder heads and exhaust gases were within the right limits.

So, the ground tests were conducted in a densely populated area of Moscow and noise requirements have not allowed to perform the run-up with the maximum RPM, and it was limited to values sufficient to check engine and systems. The full cycle test will be made at the airfield.