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Laros–010 is light and compact 2-seat trike for primary training and of-airfield flights. It provides easy assembling and disassembling by one person. Laros–010 is comfortable for weekend-pilots. The trike has the possibility of mounting of rescue-system, ski landing gear, landing lights and equipment for flights in twilight.


The standard set has the doubled control system. Engines which can be mounted on the trike (50-64 HP) are: РМЗ-500, Rotax-503, Rotax 582. The base for the carcass of the trike are tubes D16T. In the construction were also used D16T, AMG6, steel 30XGCA, steel 20 and stainless steels. All construction elements have galvanic cover for anti-corrosion protection.

Due to folding pylon and compact size, the mounting of the wing to the trike can be done by one person.

Main gears are of pyramid construction and equipped with liquid-gas dampers. This allows to takeoff from unprepared airfields and comfortable taxying. The liquid-gas dampers allow adjusting the rigidity for comfortable operating for every pilot. Pumping and pressure control of dampers is done by usual bicycle high-pressure pump and can be done in any conditions.

Dumpers of main gears

The standard set provides the mount of 400x100 mm gears. The trike also has the possibility of mount of wider gears of 400x150mm size for operating on airfields with more mellow soil.

Laros–010 is equipped with doubled control system for instructor-pilot. This is comfortable for primary education and allows increasing its speed and safety. The standard set includes the instructor-pilot pedal-control which provides control of front gear and engine speed. The trapezoid-wing can include additional control knobs for instructor-pilot.

Trike can be of undoubled control set.

Doubled control for instructor-pilot

The trike can be equipped  with ski landing gears and prepared for operating in winter. Due to light construction and big ski-gears, winter flights can be done from any snowbound field.

The Laros–010 trike uses power units on base of engine РМЗ-500 (50 HP) or Rotax-582 (64 HP). It provides the mounting of hand or electric starter. It allows the mount of РМЗ-500 (50 HP) or Rotax-582 (64 HP) with minimal changes.

Engine РМЗ-500 Engine РМЗ-500

Engine Rotax-582 Engine Rotax-582

The mount of bigger or smaller battery depends on the type of starter which can be hand or electric. The construction for mount of the battery represents the transformer which can be easily changed for bigger or smaller battery.

The Laros–010 trike can be equipped with different flight-control instruments. It has the possibility of installation of analog or digital instruments. Analog instruments can be of Russian or foreign-state production dependently on wishes of customer.

Instruments can be equipped with lightning for flights in twilight.

Dashboard Instrument block

Dashboard. Extended configuration Dashboard. Extended configuration

The fuel-tank volume is 28 liters. It foresees the installation of fuel gage with distinguished boundary lamp. Due to semi-clear fuel tank, the amount of fuel can be controlled even with the break of fuel gage.

According to wishes of customers we can install the landing light on the trike.

Due to its brightness and location of the carriage they allow flights in twilight. Landing lights located in the way to not to disturb the eye of pilot. There can be mounted two lamps with possibility of adjustment. This helps to adjust the light and provide maximal illumination of the runway.

Landing lights during the flight Landing lights

LED landing lights during the flight

The trike equipped with glove-compartments which allow pilot to take all necessities.  The baggage bag can be set in on the back of the pilot-seat. This bag can be used for transportation of the trike cases or other luggage.

glove-compartments and case for transportation cross-brace

The trike is equipped with transportation cross-brace for storage. The cross-brace allows folding the pylon into transportation configuration for easy transportation or storage. During the mount of all parts of the trike, the cross-brace can be stored in special case on the seat frame. Thereby the pilot has the cross-brace with him in flight to another airfield and during the fast mount-unmount of trike elements.

Due to customer’s wish the trike can be equipped with MBEH rescue-system. It allows to save the crew and the trike itself in emergency situation. The safety system can be actuated on the altitude of more than 40 meters. It shoots a parachute and the trike hangs on it the special halyard. In this configuration the trike and crew land. The halyard of the safety system mounted in the way to save the natural position of the trike. The safety system also has the emergency engine stop.

Safety-system К-500 drive of the safety-system

The trike has the possibility of mount of different types of wings dependently on wishes of the customer. The wing is the main part of the construction and its mount must be negotiated with the producer.

Laros 010 with wing Sky-18 Laros 010 with wing Sky-18

Basing on its preferences, the customer can order the trike in any set: the carcass without instruments and aggregates, moto-carriage ready for installation of power set and dashboard, fully-equipped moto-carriage with engine, instruments, safety system and ready for wing assembling according to the choice of the customer; or the ready fully equipped trike passed flight tests.

carcass of the Laros 010 trike Laros 010 in flight configuration

The trike carcass paints with powder paint which has high endurance. The customer can choose the color according to his preferences.

Laros 010 with wing Sky-18

The Laros–010 trike tested on long exploitation of its prototypes. The exploitation experience helped to improve and optimize the construction. The owner of our trike receives the compact trike ready for operation in any conditions. The quality in details — is one of our main priorities. We instantly work to bring our production to the highest level of world producers.