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Base configuration

Trike Laros–010
Trike airframe ready to units installation
Wheels 400×100 mm brake in forward wheel
Double control of nose wheel and engine
Instrument panel with cowling ready for instruments installation
Forward wheel spoiler
Side bags for small items
Transportation brace in bag
Crew seats
Two point seat belts
Main landing gear liquid-gas shock absorbers
Nose landing gear spring shock absorbers
Small battery with fasteners (depending up to electrical equipment)
Rectifier-regulator (depending up to electrical equipment)
Fuel tank (28 l)
Fuel system
Electruc system
Engine and it's equipment fastening (RMZ–500 / Rotax–582)
Double control throttle sinchroniser
Manual engine starter wiring
Airframe standard painting (black)


Engine installation
Engine RМZ–500 (50 h.p.)
Gear box Rotax type „В” 2.58
Exhoust system Rotax
Air filter Rotax
Fuel Primer
Fuel pump Mikuni
Propeller 3х–blade ∅1600 mm


Instruments (arrow gauges)
Airspeed indicator (0–200 km/h); size 3⅛"
Altimeter (0–6000 m); size 3⅛"
Vertical speed indicator (10 m/s); size 2.25"
Magnetic compass; size 2.25"
Engine head temperature gauge (0–340°C); size 2.25"
Tahometer (0–8000 RPM); size 52 mm
Air speed sensor


Sky–18 (base configuration)

Extended configuration

Engine installation with Rotax engine
Engine Rotax–582 (64 h.p.) with gear box type „В”
Electrical starter (with gear box Rotax type „Е”)
Gear box installation Rotax type „С”
Intake muffler
Additional exhoust muffler


Additional instruments
Clock (with lighting)
Engine hour-meter
Electrical outlet on instrument panel 12 V
Fuel tank level gauge (with lighting)
Radio: transiver MGL V6; Intercom; helmets Flycom (2 ps)
Radio: transiver Icom A6; Intercom; helmets Flycom (2 ps)


Non standard airframe painting
Rescue system MVEN (with fasteneng and engine stop system)
Hidraulic brakes on main landing gear instead of nose landing gear
Extended fuel tank (40 – 50 l)
Shoulder seat belts
Wide tire wheels 400×150 mm
Wheel cowlings
Landing headlights
Beacens (Strobes)
Bag on passenger seat
Bag beside of passenger seat
Trike cover
Wing cover (sunlight protection)
Double control (wing)
Instrument lighting